The data-driven talent pool company

Dutchwebshark is a talent pooling organisation. With drive and innovative creativity, we find the best talent for organisations, and the best organisation for the next career step of the talent: a win-win situation.

Dutchwebshark’s mission is: To MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY by creating the BEST MATCH between individual and work.

With the growing scarcity of professionals and the arrival of a new generation of employees and clients, the importance of a good relationship between the organisation and the professionals is also increasing. To achieve such a relationship, insight into everybody’s needs is essential. With our market knowledge and market analyses, we acquire that insight!

By then creating relationships of equality, in a low-key and approachable manner and using our online and offline experiences, we distinguish ourselves from traditional recruitment organisations. This makes us a unique player in the labour market.

We empower both organisation and professional, we create communities and we lay the foundation for lasting contact between both parties. Our focus lies on the fast-growing group of scarce professionals, especially within the following sectors: Retail, Life Science & Technology and Finance. We approach these professionals using our online channels, both at a national and international level.

In short, Dutchwebshark is innovative, unique and proactive in approaching the best people with the aim of transforming the world of individual and work. With our focus on community building and our work experience, we act quickly and efficiently. Everything we do has a single goal: greater pleasure in work, for person and organisation. Would you like to know more about us?

Then read the interview with our founder, Peter Jansen.


At Dutchwebshark we always work on the basis of the core values below. These values are reflected in our employees and in our work.

Improving every day

We achieve this by acting from a basis of urgency and trust, whereby we never lose sight of the client and the result.

Acting from a basis of urgency

We understand and recognize the priorities of our clients, the professionals and our own processes. Therefore, we always conduct the right activities at the right time.


An open and lasting relationship with the client is the foundation of our business operations. In our mission and vision, we are committed to finding the right solution for every concern.


Thanks to our data-driven services, we have the tools to achieve the best result for the client and the professional. With this, we believe in quality, not quantity.


Mutual trust lies at heart of all the partnerships that we enter into. With this basis, we achieve the best result together, and we create a win-win situation for everyone.