About Dutchwebshark
At Dutchwebshark we believe that professionals should continue to develop themselves in order to create and maintain market value. In this way, they become the best talent in the market and they are able to really make a difference for organisations. On the other hand, companies are constantly looking for these talents, but they don’t really know how to connect these professionals to their organisation.

We always strive to make the perfect match between the professional and the organisation. Where the professional takes the next step in his or her career and the organisation brings in the best talent. We do this through innovative recruitment strategies and always based on data and facts.

At Dutchwebshark we always work on the basis of the core values below. These values are reflected in our employees and in our work.

Improving every day

We achieve this by acting from a basis of urgency and trust, whereby we never lose sight of the client and the result.

Acting from a basis of urgency

We understand and recognize the priorities of our clients, the professionals and our own processes. Therefore, we always conduct the right activities at the right time.


An open and lasting relationship with the client is the foundation of our business operations. In our mission and vision, we are committed to finding the right solution for every concern.


Thanks to our data-driven services, we have the tools to achieve the best result for the client and the professional. With this, we believe in quality, not quantity.


Mutual trust lies at heart of all the partnerships that we enter into. With this basis, we achieve the best result together, and we create a win-win situation for everyone.