• High demand for technical professionals
  • Loyal market of professionals
  • Vacancies take a long time to be filled
  • Test Engineer at Ziuz
  • Advisor Circular Construction at Primum
  • Technical Software Engineer at Sioux
  • Data-driven recruitment strategy
  • Dedicated Life Science & Technology team
  • Talent pool of suitable professionals

Engineering & Technology

Insight into the technical target group

The technical sector is growing at lightning speed; this is partly the reason why the labour market is also changing so rapidly. Thanks to economic growth and technological developments, the demand for professionals is also rising within this sector. The combination of these developments and the loyal professionals within the market makes attracting the right candidates for technical-related jobs an ever-greater challenge.

To successfully fill these vacancies, it is important to gain knowledge of the target group, in order to know where these professionals are currently working and to discover what they find important in their careers. This knowledge forms the basis of an effective recruitment strategy. This is exactly what Dutchwebshark does!

We provide organisations with insight into their strategic recruitment target groups. Thanks to our specific analyses, we make well-founded decisions for the process and we know exactly which handles we have to turn to be successful. After all, every organisation has its own predicament and every predicament deserves its own strategy.


Discover our strategies for organisations that dare to take recruitment seriously.

It was a pleasure working with the folks at Dutchwebshark. They didn't just help us identify possible candidates, but actively worked with us to bring what we needed in candidates into focus. Thanks to their help, we were able to not only connect with the kind of professionals we were seeking, but also refine our recruitment procedures in the process.
Michael Wise Head of the Astronomy Group
The combination of mapping the market and the ability to fill multiple vacancies sets Dutchwebshark apart in the market.
Dolf Ketelaar HR Director at MOBA
By continually making adjustments, we finetune the process and the chance of success is far greater than with a regular bureau.
Eric Meijer Senior Recruiter at GVB
Good reports, transparency and clear communication: that characterizes our partnership with Dutchwebshark. We’re delighted with the recruitment of our new Test Engineer!
Harrie Kok CFO at Ziuz


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