• Scarcity within the market
  • Firmly-rooted professionals who do not readily move
  • Finance increasingly means IT
  • Business Analist at BKR
  • Hire at Cordaan
  • 2 Project Managers at Santander
  • Data-driven recruitment strategy
  • Dedicated finance team
  • Talent pool of suitable professionals


Insight into the financial target group

The demand for professionals continues to rise, while the supply isn't keeping up with this growth. This is a development that we see daily within the financial market. These organisations are facing scarcity within the labour market, firmly-rooted professionals who do not readily move, and the emergence of new roles; for instance, we are seeing an increasing demand for specific IT skills.

For the above reasons, finding the right talent for unfilled vacancies is an ever-greater challenge. To successfully fill these vacancies, it is important to gain knowledge of the target group, in order to know where these professionals are currently working and to discover what they find important in their careers. Based on this knowledge, the right strategy can be devised. This is exactly what Dutchwebshark does!

We provide organisations with insight into their strategic recruitment target groups. Thanks to our specific analyses, we make well-founded decisions for the process and we know exactly which handles we have to turn to be successful. After all, every organisation has its own concerns and every concern deserves its own strategy.

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Your analyses supported my assumptions. We also achieved the results: we have already hired six colleagues.
Mariska Schoots Policy Officer Human Resources at BKR
The collaboration with Dutchwebshark has expanded our talent pools and led to concrete introductory interviews with interesting candidates for now and in the future. We have even hired several candidates already!
Liselotte Kloppenburg Senior Corporate Recruiter at Intertrust

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