• Rapid growth of many retailers
  • Strong competition within the market
  • Need for new roles, such as IT professionals
  • 11 developers hired at Jumbo
  • Insight into the market for Specsavers
  • 38 supermarket and hotel managers at the Jumbo Experience
  • Data-driven recruitment strategy
  • Dedicated retail team
  • Retail, FMCG & Consumer Electronics experts

Retail, FMCG & Consumer Electronics

Connect the right professionals to your organization

The Retail, FMCG en Consumer Electronics sector is developing fast! A good sign, but that also brings new challenges. For instance, we notice that organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to find talent on all fronts: from the shop floor, to the supply chain and the head office.

Besides the strong competition within this sector, new roles are also emerging as a result of the developments. For instance, organisations are increasingly seeking IT professionals, while they are not a well-known employer within this specific branch.

To successfully fill these vacancies, it is important to gain knowledge of the target group, in order to know where these professionals are currently working and to discover what they find important in their careers. Based on this knowledge, the right strategy can be devised. This is exactly what Dutchwebshark does!

We provide organisations with insight into their strategic recruitment target groups. Thanks to our specific analyses, we make well-founded decisions for the process and we know exactly which handles we have to turn to be successful. After all, every organisation has its own predicaments, and every predicament deserves its own strategy.


Discover our strategies for organisations that dare to take recruitment seriously.

In collaboration with Dutchwebshark, we organise Experience Days for various strategic target groups. During these Experiences Dutchwebshark delivers high quality and high conversion. This is one of the reasons why we are able to grow as an organisation.
Arjen Maarse Recruitment Manager at Specsavers
During a search Dutchwebshark provides me with many new insights based on data. I believe in this approach, my hard to fill vacancies go to Dutchwebshark.
Jeroen Botman Recruitment Manager at Makro


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