• Organisations are transforming fast
  • Talent is becoming increasingly scarce
  • Vacancies are taking longer to fill
  • Keep in direct contact with talent
  • Reduce the time-to-hire
  • Improve your employer brand
How we work
  • Creating and managing a talent pool
  • Introduce qualified candidates
  • Data-driven advice

Talent pooling

Embark now on a long-term recruitment strategy

Building a long-term relationship with the right professionals, deeper insight into the specific target group and the opportunity to respond quickly to organisational changes: we will achieve this for you with our talent pools.

The talent pool contains qualified professionals who wish to keep in contact with your organisation. By interacting with the professionals on a regular basis, you develop a personal relationship with them. With this, you always have the best talent within short reach and can prepare for future vacancies proactively. For strategic and scarce target groups especially, this approach is a must!

At the same time, we continually collect and analyse data. We present the insights gained - into the professionals, their mobility, career motives, employment conditions and your employer and job brand - on a periodic basis. On the basis of this data, we offer advice regarding the optimization of your recruitment and selection activities.

Our services

How our recruitment approach differs from the rest


In depth data research

Data is key! We collect and analyse data during all the steps of our process. With the knowledge gained about your specific target group we determine the most effective strategy, together with you.


The best professionals identified

Our sourcing experts identify every professional in the market and generate interest among the right candidates. With this, we have the best talent for your organisation within easy reach.


Strategic partner

A proven approach, transparency in our working method, clear-cut objectives, clear communication and striving together for the optimum result: that characterizes our partnership!

It was a pleasure working with the folks at Dutchwebshark. They didn't just help us identify possible candidates, but actively worked with us to bring what we needed in candidates into focus. Thanks to their help, we were able to not only connect with the kind of professionals we were seeking, but also refine our recruitment procedures in the process.
Michael Wise Head of the Astronomy Group
The combination of mapping the market and the ability to fill multiple vacancies sets Dutchwebshark apart in the market.
Dolf Ketelaar HR Director at MOBA
By continually making adjustments, we finetune the process and the chance of success is far greater than with a regular bureau.
Eric Meijer Senior Recruiter at GVB
Good reports, transparency and clear communication: that characterizes our partnership with Dutchwebshark. We’re delighted with the recruitment of our new Test Engineer!
Harrie Kok CFO at Ziuz

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