Labour market analysis as the basis of a successful strategy

Would you like to know:

– what the job market for your vacancy looks like?;
– which competitors you have to beat?; and
– what you need to do to successfully fill your vacancy?

Then do a labour market analysis, the starting point for any efficient recruitment strategy.

Fast and detailed insight into your labour market

With the market analysis, we map out the labour market for your vacancy in a razor-sharp manner. No general insights, but a targeted analysis of your target group. We include the number of years of work experience, the job requirements and the location of your organization. This ensures that the insights are relevant and valuable. To coordinate this properly, an intake always takes place beforehand.

In the report you will find, among other things:

  •  an analysis of your vacancy text;
  • the competition for your target group;
  • the size of the target group on LinkedIn and/or other online platforms;
  • the terms they use on their LinkedIn profile;
  • the organizations where the professionals currently work;
  • a prediction of the recruitment funnel based on our benchmark.

Recruitment advice

We not only provide insight into the labour market of the target group, you also receive clear advice on how to fill your vacancy. For example, adjusting the job profile if it turns out that too few professionals meet your requirements. Or concrete tips on how to optimize your vacancy text. Thanks to the labour market analysis and this advice, you know what you need to do to be successful.

Would you like a labour market analysis for your vacancy?

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Strategic partner in recruitment

We help organizations grow thanks to data-driven solutions for every recruitment (marketing) challenge.

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Gain indispensable insights into your job market, Employer Brand or recruitment process.

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The insights from the analysis form the foundation of an effective strategy.

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We do not only provide advice, our experts also implement it. Together we go for success.

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Together we take your team and recruitment process to the next level.

It's all about.... Data!

Data intelligence plays an essential role in every process. This provides a firm grip on and complete insight into every recruitment issue. This allows us to make decisions together based on facts. Indispensable for success, now and in the future.

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