Targeted sourcing

Whether you call it sourcing, candidate sourcing or recruitment sourcing, it’s all about the same thing: searching for and finding the right candidate. Thanks to a targeted, proactive and of course data-driven approach, our sourcing experts find suitable candidates for your vacancy.

Our process has a number of fixed steps:

1. We start with a labour market analysis and a kick-off. Together we fine-tune the profile. This way we know exactly who is the right candidate for your vacancy.
2. Our experts map the employment market via online platforms, such as LinkedIn.
3. We approach suitable candidates in an accessible way and on behalf of your organization. That is an immediate boost for your Employer Brand.
4. We schedule an introduction by telephone with interested professionals. In doing so we qualify and enthuse the candidates.
5. We only introduce suitable and qualitative candidates to you. After that, your own application procedure will start. We will of course remain involved in this.

More intelligent recruitment process thanks to data

Data intelligence plays an essential role in this entire process. We can adjust the process at any time. This is possible by keeping track of the conversion ratios and collecting qualitative data. For example, do fewer professionals respond to our approach than expected? Then we optimize the communication texts on the basis of the data insights gained. This way we know which nobs we need to twist to be successful during every step of our process.

We provide weekly reports on the progress of the project. We also analyse the results together in the real-time dashboard so you are always aware of the latest status.

Take control

The main advantage of this process? We take time-consuming work off your hands, namely finding the right candidates. In addition, you only speak to qualified candidates and you no longer have to wait for someone to apply. Thanks to our proactive candidate sourcing, you take control yourself.

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Strategic partner in recruitment

We help organizations grow intelligently thanks to data-driven solutions for every recruitment (marketing) issue.

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Gain indispensable insights into your job market, Employer Brand or recruitment process.

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The insights from the analysis form the foundation of an effective strategy.

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We do not only provide advice, our experts also implement it. Together we go for success.

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Together we take your team and recruitment process to the next level.

It's all about.... Data!

Data intelligence plays an essential role in every process. This provides a firm grip on and complete insight into every recruitment issue. This allows us to make decisions together based on facts. Indispensable for success, now and in the future.

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