Grip on recruitment

For many recruitment teams, getting a grip on recruitment is a major challenge. Crucial insights are often lacking. For example in the status of the open vacancies, of the recruitment process and the team. As a result, the correct information necessary to make good decisions and achieve the objectives is lacking. A real-time recruitment dashboard shows all this information in one overview. This dashboard is therefore crucial for achieving success.

A customized recruitment dashboard

We set up this rock-solid, customized dashboard together. We do not provide a standard representation of figures. Instead, we provide a keen insight into the specific objectives and challenges of your organization.

Thanks to this real-time recruitment dashboard, you – just like anyone else involved in recruitment – will at a glance have:

  • the latest status of each open vacancy;
  • crucial data from previous vacancies, enabling you to attract the best talent in a more intelligent way;
  • grip on your recruitment budget;
  • insight into the activities of the entire recruitment team; and
  • all other information necessary to achieve your goals.

In short, no more blind spots, but a crystal clear view of your overall recruitment.

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Strategic partner in recruitment

We help organizations grow intelligently thanks to data-driven solutions for every recruitment (marketing) issue.

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Gain indispensable insights into your job market, Employer Brand or recruitment process.

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The insights from the analysis form the foundation of an effective strategy.

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We do not only provide advice, our experts also implement it. Together we go for success.

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Together we take your team and recruitment process to the next level.

It's all about.... Data!

Data intelligence plays an essential role in every process. This provides a firm grip on and complete insight into every recruitment issue. This allows us to make decisions together based on facts. Indispensable for success, now and in the future.

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