1 June 2021

The challenge

Gen25 is an IT consultancy firm engaged in the implementation of innovative cloud platforms – especially Salesforce – for many different organizations. To serve their customers even better, they also build their own apps. These apps are now used worldwide, in keeping with Gen25’s growth ambition. “We want to become the best technological partner in the field of Salesforce,” says Floris Sterke – HR Manager at Gen25 – with due pride. “Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad.” In order to achieve this growth ambition, it is important to also elevate the internal organization to a higher level, including the HR department. The ultimate goal of HR? Establishing Gen25 as ‘The Best Place to Work’. Optimizing recruitment is an important part of this, especially the step towards strategic personnel management.

“Recruitment has always been very ad hoc,” says Floris. “We previously worked with ‘standard’ recruitment agencies. Their work method is very static. You post a vacancy, agencies start looking and eventually you talk to a number of candidates. In addition, the quality often left much to be desired. That is why we wanted to approach this completely differently and the data-driven, future-oriented work method of Dutchwebshark fits in well with that. ”

Our approach

In this case, the method consists of two phases. In phase one, the Developers labour market was mapped, a target group for which Gen25 has continuous demand. “Together we fine-tuned the profile and then Dutchwebshark approached the target group to build a recruitment funnel,” says Jessylee van der Hoek, who herself works as an HR Assistant at Gen25. In the funnel, the recruitment process is divided into phases, from approaching suitable professionals to hiring a new employee. Data was collected during every step of this process, such as the motivations of the target group, the Employer Brand of Gen25 and the best way to get in touch with the Developers. “It should come as no surprise to anyone that it is generally very difficult to reach Developers,” says Jessylee. “Thanks to the insights that Dutchwebshark has gathered during this process, we now have the tools to attract the right candidates.”

That brings us directly to phase two. Organizing the Gen25 recruitment process in such a way that they have all the tools in-house to build recruitment tunnels themselves, to continuously collect data and to be in contact with their most important target groups in the long term. Together with Thijs van den Brenk (Data Consultant) and Megan van Rooij (Client Success Manager), this process has now been set up from A to Z. From implementing a completely new ATS to creating formats and establishing standard workflows. Jessylee: “Our process used to be makeshift, now it is the same for every candidate from start to finish. So this fits perfectly in the context of HR optimization. ”

The result

“As a result, you also start looking at recruitment in a strategic way,” adds Floris. “By mapping the market and building a recruitment funnel, you can hire multiple candidates from the same funnel in the medium term. With a new vacancy, you no longer have to scramble, but are already in contact with suitable professionals. This allows you to apply strategic personnel management and this is – importantly – also very interesting financially. You can get many more candidates from one funnel. For me this is a win-win situation: a fast recruitment process in which we apply strategic personnel management combined with many insights from the market that help attract the best quality people. Normally I always felt a certain pressure during recruitment, you want to fill the vacancy quickly. Thanks to this process and the insights we gain, it really gives me energy. Let me summarize our collaboration with a one-liner: Dutchwebshark makes recruitment fun!”

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