19 February 2021

PGB Pensioenddiensten provides the pensions of the more than 330,000 participants of Pensioenfonds PGB with its 250 employees. With assets of approximately € 30 billion, this pension fund is the ninth largest pension fund in the Netherlands. The Pension Specialists play an indispensable role in this fast-growing organization.

They work in three different teams to handle customer requests and also participate in various projects to manage pensions even better. It is therefore important to safeguard the knowledge within these teams. And that is exactly where the challenge lies. The flexible shell is big here, too big. In order to create more stability within the teams, the desire arose to hire 6 new Pension Specialists. A challenge that we are happy to take on at Dutchwebshark.

Esther Jansen – herself a senior Pension Specialist and involved in this project from the beginning – describes our approach as follows: “You worked very purposefully. This already started during the kick-off, during which you focused the whole profile through a solid analysis. And you were also continuously critical of the profile during the project. For example, for the positions in the last team, it turned out that we needed a slightly different interpretation. By making quick adjustments and constantly tightening the search, we came into contact with the right people. ”

The result

And then the result is inevitable. Thanks to the targeted search, more than 500 professionals – who fit well with the profile and are located within a radius of 50 kilometres around PGB – have been mapped. “We checked the identified candidates together every week,” says Esther. “This is to prevent candidates that we have already spoken to or even rejected candidates from being approached. The selected group was approached with a catchy text – really contemporary – on behalf of PGB. ”

A telephone qualification has been scheduled with the interested professionals by the Talent Consultants of Dutchwebshark. A conversation with two purposes: collecting qualitative data insights and qualifying and enthusing the candidates. 17 professionals were then invited for an introductory meeting at PGB. And in the meantime we have also completed the first 5 hires together, one to go…

Returning to that data collection for a moment. Esther: “The insights you shared with us in the interim are very valuable. As a result, we know exactly where people come from, who respond well, what they find important in a job and what happens, for example, if you expand the search radius to 80 or 100 kilometers. Insights that are not only interesting for this project, but also for the future. I think it’s great that you share all that data with us one on one. For me, this is characteristic of our pleasant collaboration.

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Joyce Jansen

Marketing Consultant

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