19 August 2018

Dutchwebshark was founded in 2011 by Peter Jansen. With Dutchwebshark Peter continuously strives to make the perfect match between the candidate and the company. Thanks to his innovative ideas, he is well on his way to changing the recruitment market, which is why we are growing fast. In this interview he tells more about his vision and the start of Dutchwebshark!


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How did Dutchwebshark come into being?

“I have often experienced in my earlier work that very good young professionals came to apply. They were then set against five partners, had to give a comprehensive presentation and thus prove that they belonged to the company. I always thought that you had to turn this around, let the company prove that this is a good step for the professional! It is important that professionals make the right career choice. That is why they have to ask themselves, why should I actually work here? Is this company a good choice for my career?”

“Let the company prove that this is a good step for the professional!”

“For the professional, this is also becoming increasingly important as a result of a major change in the market. As a professional you used to go for lifetime employment, you had a job for life. Nowadays, that no longer exists. As a professional, you are no longer dependent on a company, you have to make sure that companies become dependent on you. This means that you have to continuously improve, invest in yourself and remain attractive to companies.”

The best talent

“In addition, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to have the best talent in house. Companies are increasingly realising that it is difficult to compete on the basis of technology, for example. The technology is usually available to everyone, so in this area it is difficult to distinguish yourself. The challenge is therefore to find the best talent to make a difference with this technology. This not only plays a role in the field of technology, but also in (online) marketing, data science, financial expertise, engineering, etc. Companies are therefore proactively looking for the best talents that can distinguish the company.”

“It is striking that companies in this search only look at actively looking professionals and then go through the standard HR/recruitment process. You won’t find the best talent, he doesn’t want it at all and he’s certainly not actively looking for it. The best talent already has a good job and a career. In order to achieve these talents, you first need to know them, know where they are, know what they are doing now and convince them to come to you. Convince them of how they can take the next step in your company’s career and how you can create a win-win situation between them.”

Gap in the market

“So on the one hand you have the professionals who have to keep improving themselves and on the other hand you have the companies who are really looking for the best talent, but don’t know how to reach these talents. I saw a gap in the market here, which is why I started with Dutchwebshark. In the beginning we carefully mapped out the strategic target groups of six companies and built a community around them, which we now call a talent pool. This gives professionals easy access to the organisation and enables them to see for themselves what they are going to do at the company and what steps they can take.”

“We distinguish ourselves by our vision in combination with the process we have built behind it.”

“In addition, we started our Candidate Experiences, which are in-house events for our clients. These events are an important part of our job branding activities for our customers. With these Candidate Experiences and our talent pools, professionals gain real insight into their career opportunities at a company. And the company can show what they have to offer in terms of content. As a company, you don’t have to tell the company that you are the best, the most beautiful and the best, but you have to make it clear to the professional which challenge they are taking up and how this fits in with the career development of the professional!”

What are you most proud of?

“The whole talent pooling and sourcing didn’t exist when I started. What’s more, the whole idea that you can find everyone on the internet wasn’t there yet. You were completely dependent on the databases of the recruitment agencies and the headhunters. So yes, I dare to say that Dutchwebshark was one of the first to make a start on this. I am certainly proud of that!”

What makes Dutchwebshark stand out?

“We distinguish ourselves by our vision in combination with the process we have built behind it. We must, of course, live up to our vision. Ultimately, we need to ensure that companies can actually take on the best talent. Both Dutchwebshark and the companies can still take steps in this direction. Many budgets of organizations, for example, are still based purely on how many hires come out.”

“The most important thing, in my opinion, is that it is and will remain an organisation of which I can be proud.”

“Too little thought is given to the value of maintaining a relationship with the best professionals. Based on these relationships and our knowledge of the candidates, the company can make a good choice. In addition, you can also build up a knowledge network with these talents, for which you do not even need to employ them in principle.”

Dutchwebshark is an innovative organisation, which developments are on the agenda?

“These are things like Talentweb, strengthening our Job Branding proposition, helping our customers set up their HR data structures and reports and I have many other ideas. The goal of all these developments is to make the perfect match between the talent and the company. This has to be a win-win situation, both have to get better every day.”

What is your vision/wish for Dutchwebshark for the future?

“The most important thing, in my opinion, is that it is and will remain an organisation of which I can be proud. Pride is one of my core values. I want to be proud of the things that are happening, of the employees, of what we achieve, of our customers. That’s where my energy comes from. I think it’s great to see people doing something exceptional. We have always worked from the idea that every day you come to work at Dutchwebshark to get better. It’s about leaving much better than entering.”

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