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I am Daniël, by now I have been working as a Webshark on a medior level for another year. When I came here, I was busy with the final phase of my Bachelor's HRM at the HvA. I was looking for a job that matched my studies and was also well on my CV. Via a Facebook group of the HvA I saw this vacancy coming along and it appealed to me immediately.


Daniël Keates


Web Shark

Work experience

Works more then one year at Dutchwebshark


Dutchwebshark has a clear vision on looking for the right candidates and does not work like any other recruitment agency. We work on the basis of data and we have a good process for our work. It’s innovative, it goes with the times and it’s a great way to find the right candidates for a vacancy.

More than a year later I’m still learning. You always get more responsibilities and you have the possibility to take certain tasks to you, if you want at least. For example, I myself help with the incorporation of new Websharks. I teach them data knocking, searching and bring them the intricacies of the trade. I try to pass on these skills as well as possible, and that’s quite difficult! But there, too, I am getting better every day.

Search & Invite

On a normal day I’m searching for the right candidates and sometimes I invite these professionals as well. During the day I have a lot of contact with the Talent Shark, even if he or she works at home or at the customer. In the morning we discuss what we are going to do and at the end of the day I give an update on the things that went well and the things that went less well.

I myself would like to be kept informed of the progress of the project and I would like to know what my contribution was to the result. This way you are actually part of the project, even if you only work two days a week.


This side job is easy to combine with my studies. Working hours are flexible and, as with most studies, two days can be done well. The work also fits in with the HRM study, part of which is, after all, recruitment. Once you know how to search and how to find the right candidates, it makes your job a lot easier. These are good skills that will also benefit you a lot later on.

In the office, everyone is collegial and there is an informal atmosphere. On the other hand, everyone takes his or her work very seriously. I think all students also realise that you are not just looking for a job, but that you are of great added value to a project. You actually make a contribution to the service that we ultimately provide. But the stories at the lunch table show that you just work with students!

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