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The primary goal of our collaboration with Lean Six Sigma Partners (LSSP) is as follows: to ensure that we connect the right professionals to their organisation for the long term. Klaas Jan Oldenburger, Master Black Belt certified Senior Lean Consultant & Trainer at LSSP, will tell you everything about our partnership.


Klaas Jan Oldenburger

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at LSSP as Master Black Belt certified Senior Lean Consultant & Trainer

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"The combination of data with your personal approach is very strong and fits exactly with what we need."

As a consultancy and training agency in the field of high performance, Lean Six Sigma Partners is constantly supporting their clients in achieving their own ‘Next level in High Performance’. Within their philosophy, they find it very important to share their knowledge and develop skills by providing practice-oriented training and coaching.

A combination that on the one hand is the strength of the organisation, but on the other hand, also brings a great challenge when it comes to attracting new employees. After all, where do you find a consultant with the right knowledge and experience who also has excellent training skills? A challenge that we at Dutchwebshark are happy to take on!

Klaas Jan, can you give a short introduction about yourself?
“During a tour in a factory, as part of my traineeship at a former branch of Unilever, I first came into contact with the Lean Six Sigma methodology. At the end of the day, I knew that this approach would be a guiding principle in my future career because I was very impressed with the methodology I had seen.”

“At LSSP, where I have been working since 2015, I am now in my forte thanks to the combination of giving training and practising the consultancy profession. In many organisations, a trainer only provides the training and is not (anymore) active in practice. We believe that you will become a better trainer if you have practical experience, this combination is very important to us. However, this makes it difficult to recruit new employees, as you do not often meet someone who has experience with both aspects.”

How did you approach recruitment in the beginning?
“We were mainly looking for new colleagues through our own networks. Unfortunately, this turned out to be too limited to really make a difference and attract the right people. That’s why we made the well-considered decision last year to look for a strategic partner in this area. Via via, we got in contact with Dutchwebshark. In the meantime, the first new colleagues have already started!”

“At Lean Six Sigma, we are continuously improving our performance based on facts and data. This fits well with your substantive and data-driven approach. The combination with your personal approach is very strong and fits exactly with what we need.”

What was for you the added value of our data?
“The primary goal of our cooperation is to ensure that we connect a group of suitable professionals to LSSP for the long term. The reports provide us with insight into the target group. The data confirmed our suspicion that candidates with both consultancy and training experience are scarce and made us aware of the pond we fish in. A real eye-opener was that not only our direct competitors but also large corporates are looking for the same people.”

How do you experience our cooperation?

“By entering into such a partnership, you make yourself vulnerable as an organisation. That is why it is very important that a relationship of trust is established, this relationship is present with everyone within your organisation. In addition to mutual trust, your strength lies in fully understanding our organisation. You don’t just tell a story about us. You have actually got to know the organisation so that the story is sincere and correct. This is crucial for us!”

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