16 August 2018

Software plays an important role at MOBA, the world leader in egg grading, packaging and processing machinery. That's why they were looking for multiple Software Developers, a difficult target group to reach. This is where Dutchwebshark comes into the picture. Together with MOBA, we organised an event to introduce Software Developers to the organisation and with success, no less than seventeen professionals were present! The person who can tell everything about this collaboration is Dolf Ketelaar.


Dolf Ketelaar

Working at

MOBA as HR Director

Collaboration DWS

Dutchwebshark has supported us in our objectives to attract more professionals into our strategic target group. The combination of mapping the market and the ability to fill in multiple positions certainly distinguishes Dutchwebshark in the market.

Dolf, can you tell something about yourself and MOBA?

“Yes, of course, I’ve been with MOBA for a year now as HR Director.  If I need to briefly describe what I do, it is to bring ownership and leadership low in the organization. For me, that is really the core of my work. I also want to make sure that we get the best out of our people.”

“Do you develop your people, do you also develop the company? MOBA is a very nice company to work for. The people here are very proud, proud of what they do and of their product.”

How did you find Dutchwebshark?

“That’s a good question. I think Erwin called me once, his story triggered me as we have an issue here where we are looking for multiple Software Developers. One of the things I noticed when I arrived here was that we had too many external staff working in the Software department. I think it is certainly a good thing to have a flexible shell in part, so of course you are constantly acquiring new knowledge. But if too many of your people are flexible, a lot of knowledge also runs out of the door. That is why we have said that things must be done differently.“

Dutchwebshark has supported us in our objectives of employing more people here.

“The problem is that Software Developers are difficult to find and to reach. There are many competitors in this field and there is a shortage of professionals in this target group. In addition, MOBA is located in Barneveld, which is not always the most attractive place and the buildings appearance doesn’t help either.”

“As a Software Developer, if you then have the choice of working for ASML, Shell or MOBA, I understand that you don’t immediately think of MOBA even though I think we have a lot more to offer. With us, you are much closer to the product where you actually see the physical product. You can take it with you to the customers abroad to support the installation of the software side, so it really is a very nice job. Our experience is also that the professionals love it once they are here. They are very enthusiastic about the atmosphere and the product but we just have trouble getting the people in.”

“That’s why we looked for a new way to get these professionals through the door. So, Erwin’s call actually came at the right time. Dutchwebshark uses a new way to reach this group, which also suits an innovative company like MOBA.”

What attracted you most in Erwin’s story?

“The fact that they map the entire region here, the food valley as it is so beautifully called. As a result, we now know exactly how much potential there is here and where the professionals are currently working. It has given us a good idea of the pond we are fishing in. In advance we wondered whether or not there are many ‘fish in the pond’. It turns out that there are actually quite a lot there but these professionals don’t move or switch companies fast. With Dutchwebshark we have a way to reach them and slowly move them in our direction.”

Together with Dutchwebshark, an event was organised for Software Developers. What did this event look like?

“Yes, together we organised an event. Dutchwebshark had predicted that there would be about fifteen people and two months in advance we only had four or five. We talked about this a few times, and from these discussions we made real progress. Then all of a sudden we had seventeen people at the event!”

“Ian, from Dutchwebshark, called all participants after the event to ask what they thought of it. We heard from him that everyone was really enthusiastic.”

“The event itself took place in the afternoon. During the reception we provided a snacks and drinks. Our Software Manager then explained MOBA itself and after his chat we went on to our training centre. There are two machines for training purposes that show the proper functioning of the machines. In small groups the participants walked along the machines and they were accompanied by a number of employees of the Software department. This was also very nice for us, as we were able to see what the candidates were asking for, whether they were interested and how much knowledge they had.”

“After four presentations, including Scrum and a more general story about R&D, we continued our journey through the factory. There was a machine test stand for a final test. This was a great opportunity for us to show some more software. We then ended the afternoon with a drink and everyone here had the opportunity to ask questions. Because there were enough people present from us, we were able to form a nice picture of our workplace and culture for the candidates in a very relaxed atmosphere.”

“Ian, from Dutchwebshark, called all participants after the event to ask what they thought of it. We heard from Ian that everyone was really enthusiastic and that’s how we experienced it ourselves. You really noticed that the candidates enjoyed it. Our people were also challenged a little. We were scheduled to finish at eight o’clock, but most of them stayed after nine. That also indicates something. In short, it was a very positive and fun event to do.”

What was the outcome of the event for you?

“At first it gave us a bit of energy. Suddenly we had seventeen people attend from a target group that is really difficult to reach. After the event, we held several personal meetings where two Software Developers were hired and we are still in contact with several participants for the future.  In addition, we now have more insight into the various training courses that these professionals have followed. We can be even more active in putting that into practice. So, Dutchwebshark has certainly supported us in our objectives to get more people employed here.”

“Dutchwebshark’s work almost feels like a search assignment.”

How do you experience the collaboration between those involved in MOBA and Dutchwebshark?

“Very good! Ian and Erwin were also present at the event. Among other things, they ensured that people were taken off the station and they stood at the gate to receive everyone. It was also really nice that they were there. They had spoken to all of the participants beforehand and we hadn’t at this stage so for the participants it was very nice that they were there.”

What do you think is the biggest difference between Dutchwebshark and traditional recruitment agencies?

“The biggest difference is that the work of Dutchwebshark almost feels like a search assignment. Generally, you would only do this for slightly higher positions. For these functions, you want someone that really digs deep to search for the perfect candidate. You don’t just want to put out a vacancy and have a recruitment agency just send back a few CVs.”

“For this job, we felt that the traditional way just didn’t work. These professionals have so much choice and most of them are already happy where they are. So, they are not going to respond to a vacancy which means that we have to actively approach them and map them out. We don’t have the manpower to do this ourselves, plus the fact that we don’t know the right channels and tools means that we could have Dutchwebhark to do it. The combination of mapping the market and the possibility to fill in several positions, certainly distinguishes Dutchwebshark from other agencies.”

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