Talentpooling18 August 2018

Halfway through 2015, Johnson & Johnson joined forces with Dutchwebshark to connect with two key target groups. By setting up two successful talent pools, they are now in long-term contact with these groups and their Employer Brand is strengthened.

Johnson & Johnson is a originally American company that is now active worldwide in the pharmaceutical industry and in medical and consumer products. Pharmacy is the largest part of Johnson & Johnson, but the public is probably most familiar with consumer products. These include brands such as OB, Listerine, Compeed and RoC.

Long term & Employer Brand

In order to link the organisation to the right Quality Professionals and Engineers, talent pools have been created for both target groups. Johnson & Johnson’s talent pools have been active for a long time, so the benefits are clearly visible. For example, there are currently more than forty professionals in each talent pool with whom the organisation is in long-term contact.

Both talent pools now include more than 40 professionals, with whom Johnson & Johnson is in contact in the long term.

By posting content on a monthly basis, the organisation maintains contact with the target group, even when there are no vacancies. In addition, the placement of interviews and content-related documents triggers the professionals to regularly take a look at the talent pool. In this way, the professionals are in constant contact with the organisation. As a result, the talent pools are not only suitable for filling vacancies, but also have a positive effect on Johnson & Johnson’s Employer Brand.


Both talent pools now include more than 40 professionals, with whom Johnson & Johnson is in contact in the long term. Currently, five Quality Professionals and three Engineers have been hired. The hiring of the Engineers came both from organising a very successful event, in which the Engineering target group really got a look at Johnson & Johnson’s kitchen, and from the talent pooling trajectory.

In short, the talent pools ensure that Johnson & Johnson is in contact with the best professionals in the long term and they reinforce the organisation’s Employer Brand. The talent pool is certainly not only a vacancy tool, but has much more to offer.

“Dutchwebshark connects us with scarce talent, because of the cooperation we have come into contact with interesting candidates

Els Wildenberg, Talent Acquisition Partner at Johnson & Jonson


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